Game art tutorials

Lots of good GIMP tutorials

More Tutorials

Contaminated effect tutorial:
Shows various overlay techniques and how to create some nice effects with the pen tool and stock images.

Circle effect tutorial:
How to use layer mode and blend tool to create cool circles

Fancy glow effects tutorial:
How to create glowing lines and fading the end of the lines and also adding glow to objects that are not created from a path. 

Transparent Glass tutorial:
A short tutorial of how to make text look like a transparent glass.

Random set of tutorials, mostly GIMP:
Easy animation in GIMP

Digital Painting

About digital painting and GIMP, a lot of text at the beginning, but quick and easy tips after halfway:
Nataliebeths Tutorial

Set of easy tutorials about how to draw simple background elements:
Artisandwarfs Tutorials

Colour theory basics with GIMP:

 One way of using colours with GIMP:
Lostie815s Tutorial

Pixel art and sprites

Large pixel art course
Pixel art from tiles to animating sprites (great examples from games)
Short collection of tips how to put together a good sprite sheet
A video about 2D-game tilesets

Good stuff to read

Ten things every game needs by Mark Rosewater (parts 1 and 2)

Creating good game art when you’re not an artist
Art for non-artists

Diving deeper to art

From the very basics of digital and traditional painting and drawing to more advanced techniques
CrtlPaint Library



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