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Pelitalo or Game House in English started as a youth work project in 2007. The main goal was give opportunity for young people to have a place to play games together. In the start of the year 2013 Youth Affairs of Helsinki regularised Pelitalo as a youth activity. Nowadays Pelitalo offers many types of activities in gaming culture for young people, on the top of Pelitalo itself, the concept has spread to four other youth centers and to two libraries.


Gamedev-club is meant for young people (15-25 years old) who are interested of making games. More info about Gamedev-club in Finnish and in English.

A game group for boys

Game group for boys is a group where shy and socially excluded boys gather weekly to play games and have fun with the support of youth workers. The group provides a safe environment to learn social skills, get new friends and have a positive impact in life. The group is closed and lasts a year.

Other usage

Pelitalo tries to be a part of Finnish game culture in many ways. We offer place and equipment for different gaming groups such as Taistelupelaajat (Fighting gamers), different Lan groups, tabletop groups etc. We try to be involved with our young voluenteers in every big gaming event in Helsinki. Our most recent activity is gaming streaming and we try to produce high quality stream on gaming events with finnish casting.

Digital games as a part of the basis of future economy in Helsinki and Finland
The project (2012-2014) is funded by The City of Helsinki Innovation Fund.
The project aims to enhance the knowledge of game culture and give tools to use games as a part of youth related work. Project presents the positive sides of gaming, to the field of operators that work with youth (teachers, youth workers, nurses, social workers etc.).

Technical environment

Pelitalo has over 100 PC’s spread to 7 different locations around Helsinki. The computers are top notch piece of gaming equipment and they run on gaming café software called Gizmo Application Management Platform, which have been heavily altered to fit for the needs of youth work. The computers comes with licenses for various games, so the customers don’t have to have their own accounts for every single game.

Pelitalo also has new gaming consoles from all the three main console producers (Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) in addition of the older consoles. We also have handful of board and card games

Contact information

Hannes Pasanen
Executive producer
09 310 79672 / 040 3361 365
Sebastian Sihvola
09 310 71576 / 041 512 1704
Stella Härkönen
Youth worker
09 310 22382 / 040 1259 671
Jani Korhonen
IT specialist
09 310 71581 / 040 709 3697
Ari Huotari
Youth worker
09 310 23059 / 040 674 8018
Jani Malino
IT specialist
040 838 1691
Miika Pulkkinen
Youth worker
040 8092017

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