Gamedev club at FGJ17 Arabia

A group of gamedev-club members joined Finnish Game Jam 2017 Arabia site on 20th  – 22nd of January weekend. Finnish Game Jam is part of Global Game Jam event. During the weekend jammers make games in groups. Game Jam is not a competition, but instead it is a fun opportunity to develop a game that follows a given theme. This year’s theme was “waves”.

Game ideas brainstorming.

First we did some group activities to get to the right feeling. Then it was time to make game ideas and choose the best one to work with. Our group chose to make a game about birds that eat food that is left to the beach after waves. The name of the game is Hängry Borbs: Fiji Wave Adventure. The goal is to eat as much as you can and avoid waves and other things that can stun your bird.

We chose some extra challenges from the “diversiviers” list too (this was a voluntary thing to do, but we liked to have some challenge). The game would be playable by 8 persons and that each player controls only one button. The art style of the game follows the style of some great art masters. We chose to follow Picasso and Climt. We also chose to record all the sound sources during the jam at the site.


Finding the perfect “wave” sound.

Game art in progress.


We had one game designer, two graphic-artists, one audio-designer and three programmers in our group. The game is downloadable from here and you can see all the different tools that we used from there.


All in all we had a great but also a bit tiring weekend making a very different kind of game than usual. Our group was quite big but our game designer could lead the process very well and all the members in the group worked really well together. We are looking forward to the jam events in the future!


Testing the game with other jammers before the presentations.



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